Studio Castelli supports startups for every need in communication management.

From the communication strategy definition, to the graphic design, to brand, product/service online promotion, to foundraising through public tenders.

Not enough time to…?

More than other companies, startups need to create or send newsletters and communications to customers and suppliers.
Updating the website, for the company, is often an annoying chore…
Not to mention the messages on social networks, which should be posted regularly.

Take advantage of whom manage these activities professionally and creatively. No more worries of many aspects of corporate online communication.

We conceived various communication solutions depending on the different needs and budget of the startups,to present themselves to the best on the market.




1) Logo+Corporate: ABC of Business Communication.

New company, new name, new image.
Still don’t know what name to give to your business?

Have you already thought about how to introduce yourself to new customers?
Certainly you’ll need to create a corporate image for your company.
We perfectly know whatever you need: we’ll design a bespoke sole and exclusive logo, your letterhead, your envelops, your business card.

… And, if you haven’t already given a name to your startup, to us!


2) New Products and Services launch.

New company?
You’ll have new promotions, new products and services to make known.
We’ll take care to promote them!

There are many items that make up a communication operation about the launch of a new product:

  • Logo & naming
  • Brochure and catalogues
  • Packaging study
  • Online campaign (Social networks, Google, mailing, dedicated newsletters…)
  • Offline campaign (advertising pages, direct marketing, flyers…)

3) Digital Printing: short-run, contained costs!

Your startup will need raw material to support the new sales organization.

To promote your new products and services, the ideal package includes: brochures, company monographs, catalogs, leaflets, flyers, business cards.

Optimize your budget with the short-run digital printing. Escape surpluses in stock and remove any concern for updates.

Once created your corporate image, you’ll need to print it, won’t you?
This proposal is designed for all those companies that need short-run, indispensable to present your company.


4) Startup Web

Want to reach new customers and markets? Have you thought about your website? And what about an e-commerce?

Today any company has its own website … And who doesn’t have it, is out.

If your business isn’t online yet, we’ll take care of the realization of your website, its promotion and positioning on Google!

Managers, directors, buyers of all-sized company look to internet to find their partners.
We are sure that from now on, even you’ll do so!


5) Social Network Strategies

Want to reach more customers?

Not only entertainment instruments, but real meeting places:
Social networks are open squares where people meet, inform themselves and purchase…

We’ll manage your presence on social networks to raise awareness of your products!

Have you ever thought to promote your business on social networks?
We’ll take care of creating and managing your profiles on them:
Google Plus (useful for positioning on search engines), Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn…
We’ll choose the most effective social media strategy to increase your visibility depending on the type and on the target of your business.


6) Video presentations

You have to propose a new project to partners and funders?

Presents to the best of your projects with simple, powerful tools.
Communication is more simple thanks to video presentations and personalized slide that will be the main path during meetings and appointments of new business.


7) Communicate with press and customes

Or maybe you have to present it during an event, a workshop or to the press?

Make the press talk about your products.
Press releases are great instruments to gain visibility without having to buy advertising spaces.

You want to organize an event? No problem!
Events and workshops are the ideal occasions to inform new and old customers about your projects.


8) Trade Fair

Want to best present your company?

Participation in a trade show is still one of the activities that enable a company to get great visibility and pick up new prospects.
Need the required equipment to participate?
Brochures, flyers, banners and backdrops don’t prepare on their own!

Trust us, you’ll have all the necessary assistance to introduce yourself to the best, giving an edge to your stand.


9) Web Maintenance

Is your website updated?

You have a powerful CMS but don’t have time to use it to insert news, images from the fair, or new products?
Without constant updates your website will appear old and outdated to your customers.
With this package you’ll have your website updated for six months with the main news, infos, events and exhibitions just passed or planned.


10) 6 Months Newsletter

Do you really communicate with your customers?

Is a long time that you don’t update your customers regarding your business and don’t have time to do it?

A regular newsletter is the best way to communicate directly with your customers.
With this package, your customers will receive once a month, for six months, your company news.

We’ll take care of the realization and send monthly email information to your contacts, presenting yourself and your news, corporate events, new products or services, etc.


11) Startup Abroad

Do you have the right tools?

Any company operating on an international market needs adequate presentation tools, consistent with the expectations of its foreign customers.
Translate the lyrics from their brochure is not enough to show up correctly. This package includes:

  • 5 pages website translation in 3 languages;
  • company presentation brochure;
  • branded gadgets (100 pcs);
  • translations of up to 500 words text in two languages, or max 1000 words in one language;
  • business cards (500 pcs)

12) Greetings and Celebrations

Have you enough time to send them?

Don’t you have time to send reminders for festive closures or greetings for various occasions to customers and suppliers?
Send us your database and we’ll do it all year round!