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Gamba Serramenti is a company specialized in the production of wood doors and windows, and for that we have curated the communicazion of the corporate image.

We studied the new payoff, “Natualevoluzione” (Natural Evolution), that transmits the values of the company:

  • nature, meant as material (wood) used and as item to protect;
  • evolution, meant as the development that has led up Gamba Serramenti to be the leading company in the joinery sector.













In 2013 Gamba Serramenti decided to its company website, already renewed by us in 2009.
We realized a new graphic design following the corporate image, expanded the contents and removed all the elements programme with Flash.


The Gamba Serramenti catalog, printed on certificated FSC paper, has been realized to get across to the costumers the brand identity. The graphic design is clear and minimal and emphasizes the photos of the products.
Then, to allow customers to have all the examples available in a single binder, we realized boxes easy to put on the shelving of architects and designers’ offices.

Corporate Image

We made for Gamba Serramenti a presentation on DVD, that describes the company and its products with images, showing some samples of the works done.
Then we realized personalized the DvD cover and packaging, following the neat design of the corporate image.

Given that Gamba Serramenti takes often part in trade fairs, we studied personalized gadgets to give the visitors. Moreover, we realized woods ballpoint pens and shopper bags with the corporate logo, that allows the future customers the Gamba’s brand.

Finally, we designed and realized the personalized the company car decorations, to strengthen the corporate identity.