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For Alumat we have being curated for years the communication of the corporate image and the severals products and services.

Each year, with the Diana Tedoldi’s collaboration and creativity, we realized the company desk calendars, printed on certificated FSC paper, and choosing every years a them that would communicate the high quality of Alumat products.











Made for Italy, Made for the World – 2015

The subject of the new Alumat & Almax Mori desk calendar is the Expo 2015, a event that will assemble all the countries in Italy.

The calendar is composed of reworked funny postcards from foreign countries and that include the Alumat and Almax Mori ‘s staff.We adopted vivid colours and a clear and minimal graphic.

Creative direction and copywriting: Diana Tedoldi
Graphic designer: Laura Paveglio
Made in Italy – 2014

The subject of the Alumat & Almax Mori desk calendar 2014 is the “Made in Italy” culture, celebrated through art, gastronomy and industrial excellences.

We have used enganging colours and a clean and minimal graphic in line with the monthly subject.

Creative direction and copywriting: Diana Tedoldi
Graphic design: Cristina Mapelli
Supercare – 2013

The calendar presents comically the theme of safety, that is tone of the foundations of the company. We used a comic style, with brilliant colours and a clean graphic design.

Creative direction and copywriting: Diana Tedoldi
Foto: Sergio Pontoriero
Graphic design: Cristina Mapelli

Alumat e Almax Mori take part in trade fairs, so we designed the company stand, named it “Team Power”, to underline the company attention to the “work in team”, following all the corporate coordinated material, based on this theme.

Moreover, we created a special bookmark, with a minimal graphic design and a metallic effect, to give the visitors. Each bookmarks has got overleaf a little pocket where you can the business cards, and it allows the visitors to stay in touch with Alumat e Almax Mori.

For the softwares Thango – an integrated SW-HW system – and Sambha – a sistem for the search of 2D similar profiles and sections – we realized the logo, that reminds, with a clear and simple graphic design.

For their promotion we flanked the company in the websites creation, and we designed the brochures, conceived for the foreign markets: indeed, the texts are translated in four languages.