“… so, now we realize that we have been actively working in communication for almost 40 years! This is surprising even for us.
Actually, who’s writing hasn’t turned 40 yet, so I haven’t lived the experience all along, but our story begins in the mid-70s, so..we’ve come a long way.

Not to talk big, but not many agencies can boast such an achievement!

Beyond self-congratulation, this page wants to give an idea of Studio Castelli’s evolutionary steps through the years, by a short story starting in 1975, year of the foundation of Studio Grafico Castelli by my father Domenico, lasting  to the present day and looking at what we’d like to become in the future.

So, if you don’t mind reading, you will soon know more about our history, our enterprise, our experience.

… Enjoy reading!”

Alessandro Castelli


THE ’70s

In early ’70s Studio Grafico Castelli was primarily concerned with publishing graphics: Initially the main activities were design and layout of magazines and house organs.

Then the Studio began to engage in image-making and advertising campaigns for industrial companies from different sectors, from food to construction industry, from electromechanical to pharmaceutical industry.


THE ‘80s

In 1985 the Studio was supported by an imagesetter center dedicated to the production of magazines and books for the publishing industry, starting from graphic design to the execution of installations for printing, and moved to a new location, equipped with the latest technology for those times.

Legend has it that, among the earlier graphic stations produced, here arrived the absolutely first one!
The PCs were still little used in the professional… Here the future was already now!


THE ‘90s

On the wave of the enthusiasm brought by new technologies and thanks to long-standing experience in the use of the newest graphics workstations, was made a major investment, almost pioneering for its time, installing one of the first Lanier/Agfa digital printers produced, ahead of the curve with respect to future market trends.

In 1996, Studio Grafico Castelli was expanded and moved to its current location in Fornovo San Giovanni.

The team acquired a great experience in the field of packaging design and communication in the Pharmaceutical, trough collaboration with Grafiche Favillini from Livorno, an important company of paper processing industry.

The creative department was expanded and online-communication skills were developed, particularly towards the end of the decade, for creating websites: skills at that time almost unknown to our sector’s companies.

In 1997, Alessandro Castelli began working in the studio focusing especially web marketing and online communications as well, flanked by his father Domenico, gaining experience as graphic designer.



Thanks to Alessandro’s new skills too, the advertising agency activity on the traditional media were integrated with web-agency ones.

Graphics and content were developed on the basis of new communication tools on the web.

Internet became one of Studio Castelli’s strengths, that stood out from other advertising agencies because it managed to combine the experience and creativity developed in graphics with strong skills in web marketing.

In line with this expansion of services for companies, in 2008 the company changed his name from Studio Grafico Castelli to Studio Castelli ADV, to emphasize a new trend.



A wide network of communication professionals and freelancers enables Studio Castelli to use all business communication instruments.

The Studio creates cross-media communication campaigns, corporate websites, web and social marketing strategies with website positioning, SEO and campaigns on the different social networks, as well as the individual actions of traditional communication (logo and corporate image creation, brochures, catalogues, flyers, corporate calendars, advertising decorations, etc) for startup and companies of all sizes and from different sectors.